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Where can I buy real weed online cheap

Welcome to our website. Where can you buy real weed online cheap? You have to be careful when buying weed online, some of the websites out there are out to scam you out of your hard earned money.

buying real weed online cheap what to look for.

How to tell if a website is real or is it a scam

• Type the name of the website into Google. Look at the results, if you see any reviews from the site click on them to read the reviews. Make sure the sites you are clicking on are not affiliated with the website; for example the site you click on does not have the same URL prefix. URL: http://www.somesite.com/review
• Check the connection type of the website in question. Look at the beginning of the URL, is it https or http? https is a secure connection and is more trustworthy then http. Most people that create a scam website will not bother with a security certification. Also make sure the payment page is secure, you will be giving personal information at this point and I am sure you do not want prying eyes seeing this.
• Look at the URL before the https you should see a padlock. If you are using Google Chrome a green padlock will be there, other browser will display a grey padlock in Firefox, Gold in IE. You can click on the padlock to view it’s encryption type.
• If you received an email being referred to the site from someone you do not know. It may be a scam, but it still could be legitimate.
• It the site is making offers that are hard to believe then there is a good chance the site may be a scam.
• If you were lured to the website with a bait and switch technique. This would mean coming to the site looking for a service or product that you were not expecting.
• If you are asked for a credit card to verify your identity that does not seem necessary.
• If you are having to produce a credit card on a non-secure site. No padlock or https prefix.


I hope this helps you when searching; not only to ask if we are legitimate but also anywhere else on the internet. This will not protect you 100% of the time but it will help you most of the time. Some crooks will go through all the trouble above just to get as many victims as they can. If you would like to buy real weed online cheap have a look at our store. I think our prices for weed is cheap but not unbelievable cheap. You can check online and compare prices but we know we have excellent quality from growers that care, our shipping method has tracking so our real products reach your location securely.

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