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A simple solution to buy weed online in Canada.

High quality weed at a budget friendly price.

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Our Growers
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  • Must pass a strict quality assurance test.

  • They have a database with us that links to their quantity.

  • Must flush their product two weeks prior to extracting.

  • Grown in Coco Coir.

  • Canadian Made.

  • Our growers make the best medical marijuana.

Decent Price

We give you quality at a fair price. This is another reason to Purchase  from us we are easier on your wallet.



The Safest Way To Use Weed – Smoke It, Eat It , Vaporize It


Smoking marijuana has been around for hundreds of years. It is usually rolled into a joint and smoked. The next option is eating your weed. Using this option is a lot more hassle then the other two options because of the amount of prep work. The third option is vaporizing your weed the newest trend. We will talk about the pros and cons of each.

Smoking A Joint


  • Longevity – A properly rolled joint is long lasting, and if smoked in a group will give a social experience. It may also strike up some good conversations.
  • Customizability – You can either roll a small joint or a big fat spliff.
  • Discreet – It is great for on the go. Easy to dispose of in an emergency. It can also be disguised as a cigarette.


  • Taste – The paper adds to the taste, this adds extra harshness to your weed.
  • Health – Joints are one of the worst for your health out of all smoking options.
  • Learning Curve – Joints are easy to roll, but to have a joint that is rolled without air pockets and burns evenly does take a bit of practice.
  • Smell – Your fingers are going to smell. Also the smoke in the air will linger longer then vaporizing.
  • Cannabis Consumption – It is believed that joints waste more of the weed by allowing a lot of the smoke straight into the air and not allowing you to consume it.

Eating Your Weed


  • Longer lasting– The high stays in your body longer.
  • Stealth – Eating your weed in cookies, brownies … totally hides the fact you are ingesting marijuana.
  • Health – Eating cannabis is healthier, no affects on your lungs.
  • Different Affect – You alter the chemicals when you are baking your marijuana,  giving you an almost completely different high experience.


  • Duration – Sometime you cannot be high for hours.
  • Amount – It is difficult to gauge the amount needed. Trial and error, but sometimes your weed can be more or less potent.
  • Amount of Marijuana – The amount that is needed to create a long lasting high will be way higher then smoking or vaporizing.



  • Healthier – Vaporizing is a healthier choice then smoking a joint. Because of the lower amount of heat needed you will avoid inhaling toxins and other chemicals that would be ingested if you smoked a joint.
  • Odor – Vaporizing produces less smoke while inhaling and exhaling, this in turn mean less odor and also dissipates quicker.
  • Cost Efficiency – Vaporizing uses a lot less material to achieve the same results.
  • Smoother hits and cleaner high.


  • Higher Cost – When purchasing a vaporizer, you will want to use a higher quality brands. Using low quality vaporizers will not give you the benefits the higher quality ones do. My choice Arizer Air.

How Does A Vaporizer Work?

When vaporizing medical marijuana, you are heating the dried cannabis just below it’s combustion point of 392°F. Even though vaporizing has been around for years, it is only in the last 5 to 10 years that the benefits are now becoming well known.

Cannabis use has a lot of benefits. In fact nearly all health issues related to harmful smoking (including carcinogens, tar, etc.) is avoided simply by only heating to the temperature where the desired cannabinoids are released without destroying or igniting the material.

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